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Proud of my Daughter

You have come out of a time mingled with problems
wiser, happier and much smarter.
I am so proud of the way you handled yourself
The way you thought out the proper solutions,
and the strenght you used in following through.

I no longer have to worry about you.
You are capable of leading your own life
and I know any discisions that you make
for yourself will be right.
You can't imagine how happy this makes me.
You are a wonderfull person and
a beautiful daughter, I love You Dearly.


Everyday i am astounded to hear you talk, so intelligently
Your wisdom grows and grows as you do
You are such a delight, such a joy,
such a beautiful person.
The love i see in your eyes for me is so moving ,
and rewarding, and i hope you see and hear the infinite love i have for you.
Whatever you do, where ever you go,
Always know that i am always here in everyway for you.


When ever you need someone
to talk to
I hope you will
talk to me.
When ever you need someone
to laugh with
I hope you will
laugh with me.
When you need someone
to advise you
I hope you will
turn to me.
When you need someone
to help you
I hope you will
turn to me.
I cherish and love
everything about you
My beautiful Daughter
And I will always support you
As a mother, as a person
and as a friend

Author of all three peoms are unknown at this moments- will put it down as soon as i know her name...

Flo Williams Copyright 1998 Poems
"All Rights Reserved"

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